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Modern education takes many forms. Whether your school offers asynchronous, flipped, or traditional learning, LG Business Solutions has the reliable and secure products and solutions teachers, students, and IT pros need to thrive. Inspire wonder and passion with an innovative, intuitive tech ecosystem—from interactive digital boards, to Chromebooks, projectors, DVLED displays, and more—that empowers immersive, engaging, and interactive learning experiences. Because that’s how you can ensure a better tomorrow. LG Business Solutions is a trusted-quality brand, ready to collaborate with you to generate
greater learning experiences that inspire.


Georgetown Reimagines the Classroom​

Working with LG Business Solutions and local technology integrator CTSI, Georgetown introduced to faculty and students a multi-dimensional classroom.​

LG CreateBoards Enhance Classrooms

LG Createboard™ classroom technology helps teachers engage students with digital lessons, videos, touchscreen writing and drawing, and easy screen sharing from personal devices.