Redefining Education with Augmented Reality

Active Reading Experience

Departing from passive and one-dimensional content delivery, this approach promotes interactive content that responds dynamically to children’s participation.

Reality vs Augmented Reality (AR)

Instead of a solely visual-centric experience, the emphasis lies in AR encounters, offering interactive effects that stimulate various senses- Visual, Tactile, and Auditory.

Immersive Engagement

Through augmented reality’s lifelike augmentation, including the expansion of spatial dimensions, a virtual experience akin to reality is created. Reading is thus transformed into a playful encounter, effectively expanding children’s imaginative horizons.

A trustworthy product

ARpedia, has been chosen as the children's choice at the world's largest edtech exhibition, Bett. It has also received consecutive awards at CES 2022, CES 2023 and CES 2024, along with various patents and award, making it a reliable product.